4997-101413-gs4997While most of homeowners are good at caring for their home, one thing may tend to be forgotten – the siding. If that is the case, here are some basic tips for maintaining the siding and keeping it looking as good as new:

Properly clean your siding

All types of sidings can benefit from regular cleaning. However, the method of cleaning needs to be appropriate, ensuring that no damage is caused. It is worth noting that the method of cleaning for a vinyl sidingis quite different from that of classic wood siding or brick siding. You can use a pressure washer to wash away dirt and grim, and scrub your siding with a soft-bristled brush and soap and water in areas where the dirt may be tough to remove. 

Ensure the mildew is removed

Black, stubborn stains are probably mildew – and may affect the value of your home. Make sure to dab the area with some bleach until the black spots disappear. Most importantly, make sure to wear eye protection when removing the mildew. 

Make it a routine

Every month, spot-clean your siding just to ensure you keep it looking good. Create a habit of running quick checks around your home just to ensure that things are clean and in order. 

Inspect for damage

All sidings are vulnerable to things like water infiltration and other forces of nature. As such, you need to be keen enough to take note of cracks that may develop due to aging or something similar. As for brick sidings, be on the lookout for crumbling mortar joints. 

Repair damage

Repairs to vinyl and wood siding require the expertise to remove the damaged part while leaving the surrounding parts intact. Unless you have the right skills required for this job, hire a professional for the job.

Following these basic tips can help you a lot in giving your home that extra touch of magnificence. And for repairs or replacement of your siding, contact the home improvement professionals of Sunroom Additions and Improvements, Inc.

Choosing a New Sunroom

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bedroom-1113tm-pic-64When a homeowner is thinking about adding a new sunroom to their home, there’s usually a wide variety of different factors that must be considered. With so many different manufacturers in this industry, it can be difficult to make a decision on what type of sunroom will be best. However, when the homeowner takes a little time out to educate themselves and the others in their family, they can make a more informed decision. 

Choosing a Specific Design Type

Before making a selection, the first question that you may need to ask yourself is what you want to do with the room and what you desire with the overall decor. For instance, many of the top sunroom manufacturers in the industry offer year-round sunrooms, while others may provide a design that’s called a three-seasons room. The difference between the three-seasons room and the year round sunroom is that the three seasons sunroom does not have as much insulation. Therefore, if you are looking to entertain family and friends in the middle of the summer or during the winter season;you should choose the year-round room that’s equipped with insulated glass.

Heating and Cooling System Features

It is also important to note that many homeowners normally consider adding an HVAC system to their new Sunroom for ultimate comfort. As a result, keeping the heating and cooling systems at the right temperature does not have to be a difficult hurdle to overcome. So whatever the preference, some sunrooms are more popular than others. It is best to consider different models that can adapt to any architecture. 

Comfortable Styles:Some homeowners may like the look of the Cathedral Sunroom since it is designed with vaulted ceilings and has a lot of extra space. 

Functional Styles:The Walls Only Sunroom is popular because it allows the owner to convert an existing patio into a full-time sunroom that is available for everyday use. 

When a homeowner is thinking about adding a new sunroom to their home, there’s usually a wide variety of different factors that must be considered. Because of so many different manufacturers in this industry, it can be difficult to make a decision on what type of sunroom will be best. But when youtake a little time to educate yourself and others in the family, you can make a better and more informed decision. 

fa76c1f730c564There are so many options when looking to install or replace windows in your home. Always make sure to choose according to your own preference, as you will be the one looking at these windows every day. Also, if you are only replacing a few windows, but not all, you may want to stick with your current window style. Each material used for windows has its own good qualities, but it is important to choose a style that not only fits your preference, but fits your home as well.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are very popular because they are very economical and provide good thermal insulation. They are low maintenance, energy-efficient, and will also give your house a modern look. 

Wood Windows

Wood windows are often more popular for older homes and historic neighborhoods. They can be painted any color or can be stained and clear-coated. One disadvantage about using wood windows is that they are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. When it is cold you may find it harder to open them.


Fiberglass windows are durable, energy-efficient and also low maintenance. They provide good insulation, and the frames may be hollow, or filled with foam insulation.

No matter what type of window you choose, if you are in the Buffalo, NY area, let Sunroom Additions and Improvements Inc. help you find and install new windows to update your home.

32eaf256043db2d07There are several ways you can make your home appear more beautiful and provide more comfort to you and your loved ones without embarking on a complete home remodeling. Experts have devised cost-effective techniques to enhance the functionality and cozy feeling you get from your home year round through the use of energy-efficient windows and luxurious home additions.

If you are one of those homeowners who never thought it possible to make their home suitable for all weather and seasons, think again! We have all the home improvement ideas to turn your home into the home sweet home it should actually be. Below are some of the home improvement ideas that can help bring out the beauty of your home and make you feel more at home regardless of the weather condition at any given time.

Addition of Sunrooms

Adding a sunroom to your home is one way to add a touch of class to your home. Having a sunroom where you can recline with your loved ones as the snows fall during the winter season is one way of saving yourself from the discomforts that are known to accompany the chilly season.

Adding the Right Windows

We all know how chilly it can be during winter nights, and having the most suitable window added to your home can go a long way to save you from much discomfort and excessive energy bills. The right windows can help get rid of the problem of heat leaking out of your home during winter, which helps reduce your utility bills.

Adding Decks

Your summer can be more comfortable with the right deck. We offer low-cost and reliable decking solutions to make your home beautiful and comfortable during the hot weathers. We make use of very durable vinyl materials to achieve this result.

Adding Patio Covers

A good patio cover provides you with a conducive environment to enjoy your barbecue with family and friends when the summer rains confine you indoors. We make use of the most beautiful acrylics to give your patio a very attractive look and feel.

To determine the best solution for your home, check with experienced professionals like those at Sunroom Additions & Improvements in Buffalo, NY, 

alphabet-tech-color-num-3-012714-swaThe sunroom addition is one trend in the homeowner market that allows you to kill more than two birds with one stone. Not only does it allow you to add more space to your home, but it also allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being outside without having to endure drawbacks like inclement weather, dirt, and insects. And unlike most home room additions which can badly dent your pocket, sunroom additions are much cheaper to set up. If you are planning to set up one of these valued additions in your home, here are a few tips to help you get the best of your hard-earned money.

#1 Research

There are many sunroom additions and improvement ideas out there. To get the design that suits your home, do some research online and with some twists on what you find, you can develop your plan with the help of a professional, like Sunroom Additions & Improvements in Buffalo, NY. If a professional is too expensive for your needs, consider taking on the do-it-yourself channel to achieve your goals.

#2 Budget

Now that you have your blueprint, come up with the costing for your project based on the cash you have. In case your plan is way over your financial muscle, do not be dismayed as you can change the materials you intend to use for cheaper but equally effective ones. For instance, you can go for the screen sunroom or seasonal sunroom which can be used from summer through fall instead of the more expensive sunroom designs that are suitable for all seasons, such as the knee-wall rooms and the conservatories and solariums. Upon deciding on the materials to use, set aside the funds for the specific task at hand.

#3 Execute

Now that you have what you need in order, seek the services of a trusted contractor or get your hands dirty and start construction. Follow your plan to the latter ensuring that your initial style, room design, windows and ventilation, color scheme, flooring option are all well represented.

4064-101413-gs4064You can improve the look of your home to make it look neat and well-maintained just by installing siding. As many home improvement stores and contractors install siding for a fee, some homeowners choose to install the siding themselves to save money. Here are some tips to help with both vinyl and wood siding installation:

  • Make sure the siding is level; if the first siding piece is not level, then the other pieces will not be level. Level sidings by installing a start strip that covers the enter side of one wall. This starter strip should be level and straight so that the remainder siding is level.
  • Do not install the siding too tightly as it can make it warm up or bend which, in turn, makes the overall siding design look bad. Follow the instructions on siding pieces, and make sure the nail is placed in the nailing slots provided at the top of each panel.

These guides help inform you where each nail should be placed and if followed correctly, the siding is easier to install and will look better. In fact, vinyl siding installation is much easier if the pieces are not tightly nailed together.

  • Sidings on the back of the house should be installed first as any mistakes here will not be visible. Moreover, if you start at the back, you get used to the installation process before reaching the front.

It is common for the edges of siding to overlap on either side during the siding installation process. So if you start at the back, the sides on the back overlap instead of those in the front, thus making them less visible.

  • It’s better installing siding on studs as it makes it more secure and less likely to fall or blow off the house. If you can’t see the studs from the outside of the house, use the help of stud finders or gently tap on the house side to hear the difference between the studs and empty space between them.

These siding installation tips prove helpful while installing your siding. However for a neat and professional looking job, it is always better to hire the professionals like those at Sunroom Additions & Improvements in Buffalo, NY, to do your siding installation job for you. Though you have to pay for their services, the end result is well worth it.

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