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Install a New, Elegant and Quality Patio Door for Your New or Old Patio

Patio Doors Buffalo NY The Patio Door with Superior Strength

Homeowners like you will no longer sacrifice strength and energy efficiency for the largest window in your home; the patio door.

The Legance TM Replacement Patio Door's fully-welded construction, aluminum reinforcement and superior wedging interlock provide a tight seal  between the door sashes, keeping winter’s chill and summer’s heat  outside of your home.

Plus, the Legance Sliding Glass Door's exclusive monorail track design allows for smooth, easy operation.  

The Energy Efficient Patio Door

The Legance TM Patio Door offers optional glass packages specifically tailored to your climate. Our low-emissivity glass (LoE 2)  allows natural light to freely enter your home. During winter months,  the glass helps to keep rooms warmer by reflecting heat back into the  home while letting warm, solar rays enter. In the summer, the LoE 2  glass blocks infrared and ultraviolet radiant solar energy, keeping  your rooms cooler.  

This energy efficient patio door's warm-edge,  insulating glass sealant systems flex with the glass in hot or cold  temperatures to help prevent sealant failure. These insulating spacer systems keep the edges of the glass warmer, dramatically reducing condensation. Optional insulating gases, such as Argon or Krypton are added to enhance the replacement patio door’s thermal performance, while  saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.  

The Patio Door Design with Security in Mind

Security is a definite priority in the design of the Legance TM  Patio Door. Keyed, dual-point grappling hook locks are standard on all systems and can be upgraded to keyed, multi-point locks with four locking points. In addition, a standard recessed security bolt is conveniently mounted on the trailing edge of the operating sash,  enhancing the security of your patio door. 

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