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Sunroom Additions is proud to use Heartland Siding as our choice for  siding. Heartland Siding's goal is  to be the exterior  cladding  industry leader in products and service. Recognized with the  #1  Recommended* CedarMAX and #1 Siding Best Buy* HeartTech, Heartland  is  proud to provide you with a better alternative to  consumer-grade  exterior cladding.


Recognized with the #1  Recommended* CedarMAX and #1 Siding Best Buy* HeartTech, Heartland is  proud to provide you with a better alternative to consumer-grade  exterior cladding.


Heartland Siding specializes in elegance and endurance. Our  professional-class siding has the look and texture of wood but the  durability and strength of vinyl. With three categories of siding to  choose from (insulated, traditional and decorative) you can find the  right one for your needs and style.


All of Heartland’s siding is created with its Super Polymer  Formulation, making it incredibly strong. With 10 specific brands of  siding to select from, budget and beauty go hand-in-hand.


Plus, Heartland’s advanced CedarMAX Insulated Siding is the #1 recommended siding.

We caringly construct:



  • CedarMAX Insulated
  • Cedar Peaks
  • Board & Batten
  • Traditional
  • HeartTech
  • Autumnwood
  • Arbor Glen
  • Ultra
  • Cedarbrook Shake
  • Cedarbrook Scallops



  • Woodhaven
  • Beaded / Wainscot
  • Universal
  • HeartTech