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Friday, 02 May 2014 00:00

4 Siding Installation Tips worth Knowing

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4064-101413-gs4064You can improve the look of your home to make it look neat and well-maintained just by installing siding. As many home improvement stores and contractors install siding for a fee, some homeowners choose to install the siding themselves to save money. Here are some tips to help with both vinyl and wood siding installation:

  • Make sure the siding is level; if the first siding piece is not level, then the other pieces will not be level. Level sidings by installing a start strip that covers the enter side of one wall. This starter strip should be level and straight so that the remainder siding is level.
  • Do not install the siding too tightly as it can make it warm up or bend which, in turn, makes the overall siding design look bad. Follow the instructions on siding pieces, and make sure the nail is placed in the nailing slots provided at the top of each panel.

These guides help inform you where each nail should be placed and if followed correctly, the siding is easier to install and will look better. In fact, vinyl siding installation is much easier if the pieces are not tightly nailed together.

  • Sidings on the back of the house should be installed first as any mistakes here will not be visible. Moreover, if you start at the back, you get used to the installation process before reaching the front.

It is common for the edges of siding to overlap on either side during the siding installation process. So if you start at the back, the sides on the back overlap instead of those in the front, thus making them less visible.

  • It’s better installing siding on studs as it makes it more secure and less likely to fall or blow off the house. If you can’t see the studs from the outside of the house, use the help of stud finders or gently tap on the house side to hear the difference between the studs and empty space between them.

These siding installation tips prove helpful while installing your siding. However for a neat and professional looking job, it is always better to hire the professionals like those at Sunroom Additions & Improvements in Buffalo, NY, to do your siding installation job for you. Though you have to pay for their services, the end result is well worth it.

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