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Friday, 13 June 2014 00:00

Keep Your Siding Looking As Good As New With These 5 Tips

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4997-101413-gs4997While most of homeowners are good at caring for their home, one thing may tend to be forgotten – the siding. If that is the case, here are some basic tips for maintaining the siding and keeping it looking as good as new:

Properly clean your siding

All types of sidings can benefit from regular cleaning. However, the method of cleaning needs to be appropriate, ensuring that no damage is caused. It is worth noting that the method of cleaning for a vinyl sidingis quite different from that of classic wood siding or brick siding. You can use a pressure washer to wash away dirt and grim, and scrub your siding with a soft-bristled brush and soap and water in areas where the dirt may be tough to remove. 

Ensure the mildew is removed

Black, stubborn stains are probably mildew – and may affect the value of your home. Make sure to dab the area with some bleach until the black spots disappear. Most importantly, make sure to wear eye protection when removing the mildew. 

Make it a routine

Every month, spot-clean your siding just to ensure you keep it looking good. Create a habit of running quick checks around your home just to ensure that things are clean and in order. 

Inspect for damage

All sidings are vulnerable to things like water infiltration and other forces of nature. As such, you need to be keen enough to take note of cracks that may develop due to aging or something similar. As for brick sidings, be on the lookout for crumbling mortar joints. 

Repair damage

Repairs to vinyl and wood siding require the expertise to remove the damaged part while leaving the surrounding parts intact. Unless you have the right skills required for this job, hire a professional for the job.

Following these basic tips can help you a lot in giving your home that extra touch of magnificence. And for repairs or replacement of your siding, contact the home improvement professionals of Sunroom Additions and Improvements, Inc.

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