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Make your house more livable with a deck

Deck Builder Buffalo NYThere’s a simple and inexpensive way of extending your living space: build a deck. A deck will give you better access to the beauty of your yard and will provide a great space for entertaining too.

If you don’t have a comfortable outdoor seating area, you’re missing out on many of the pleasures of summer. We can provide you with a beautiful functional deck built to your specifications. A deck can serve as a charming summer dining area or can be a great place to just relax.

Deciding what you need in a deck

What you like to do outdoors will dictate the size and shape of your deck. For instance, if you want an outdoor dining area, make sure you have plenty of space for your table and for people to move around. Per-haps you need space for a barbecue or lounge chairs. If you want some-thing really heavy on your deck, like large planters or a hot tub, the foundational structure will need to be reinforced. If you need privacy from the neighbors, consider an enclosed porch with wooden panels or screens.

Whatever you require in your deck, we have the experience to design exactly the structure that will provide you and your family with years of use and pleasure.

Choosing deck materials

Wood has been the classic for years, of course, and it’s still a popular choice. Teak, cedar, and redwood have some natural resistance to rot and the elements. They do require maintenance. Tropical hardwoods are beautiful, though difficult to install. Pine is less expensive and when treated has the same durability.

There are lots of new products appearing on the market, including composite and vinyl deck materials. These are usually low cost and low maintenance, but they can be really attractive. Composites are long last-ing, though they sometimes scratch easily. PVC is really sturdy. The new composite deck boards, which are 25 percent polypropylene and 75 percent wood fiber, look and act a lot like wood; the boards can even be painted or nailed exactly like wood.

Having your deck professionally built

Decks can be structurally complex, requiring good foundations, de-pendable stairs, and some real skill. Any deck we build will be well de-signed, safe, use quality materials, and be finished to the highest stand-ards. We’ll take care of permits and make sure everything conforms to code. The only thing you’ll need to do is to enjoy your new deck!

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