Keep Your Siding Looking As Good As New With These 5 Tips

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  • 13 Jun, 2014

While most of homeowners are good at caring for their home, one thing may tend to be forgotten – the siding. If that is the case, here are some basic tips for maintaining the siding and keeping it looking as good as new:

Properly clean your siding

All types of sidings can benefit from regular cleaning. However, the method of cleaning needs to be appropriate, ensuring that no damage is caused. It is worth noting that the method of cleaning for a vinyl sidingis quite different from that of classic wood siding or brick siding. You can use a pressure washer to wash away dirt and grim, and scrub your siding with a soft-bristled brush and soap and water in areas where the dirt may be tough to remove.

Ensure the mildew is removed

Black, stubborn stains are probably mildew – and may affect the value of your home. Make sure to dab the area with some bleach until the black spots disappear. Most importantly, make sure to wear eye protection when removing the mildew.

Make it a routine

Every month, spot-clean your siding just to ensure you keep it looking good. Create a habit of running quick checks around your home just to ensure that things are clean and in order.

Inspect for damage

All sidings are vulnerable to things like water infiltration and other forces of nature. As such, you need to be keen enough to take note of cracks that may develop due to aging or something similar. As for brick sidings, be on the lookout for crumbling mortar joints.

Repair damage

Repairs to vinyl and wood siding require the expertise to remove the damaged part while leaving the surrounding parts intact. Unless you have the right skills required for this job, hire a professional for the job.

Following these basic tips can help you a lot in giving your home that extra touch of magnificence. And for repairs or replacement of your siding, contact the home improvement  professionals of Sunroom Additions and Improvements, Inc.

Sunroom Additions and Improvements

By Sunroom Additions 27 Jun, 2014

In a typical modern home, the major energy consumption is spread across home heating systems such as the air conditioning unit or heat pump and cooling systems such as refrigerators, as well as other electrical appliances. There are many ways to save energy on these, though; like choosing energy efficient windows and appliances.

Why save energy? Of course, you want to cut the electricity bill, but you’re also doing your part for the environment. If you’re interested in making all the systems in your home energy efficient, take note of the following tips:


Winter Insulation

During the winter months, most of the energy is consumed by heating systems. Additional or new insulation to your walls, attic, and ceilings is the first the step towards saving some energy. Caulking or even weather stripping ensures that openings (doors and windows) are properly sealed, preventing air leaks and an influx of cold drafts to keep warm air inside while keeping off the cold air.

Summer Insulation

During summer months, these same innovations will trap the cool air inside your house. The air conditioning system is responsible for about 50% of the total energy consumption in homes. Proper insulation may see this percentage reduce by a half.

Using Your Appliances Efficiently

Most home appliances such as ovens, washers, dryers, and dishwashers contribute to the hefty electricity bill that awaits you at the end of each month. Minimizing the use of these electrical appliances subsequently minimizes energy consumption. Pay attention to the following:

- Do full loads of dishes and clothes each time

- Your refrigerator is probably on for 24/7. Check the temperature settings and adjust the setting to the “energy- efficient” setting. You may as well decide to adjust the setting to 37 degrees; this is normally indicated as 3 degrees on your freezer.

- When out on a vacation unplug all the cables from electrical sockets. Just turning off the appliances still lets out some energy.

- If you still have the traditional heating, cooling and lighting systems, upgrade to energy efficient systems.

- Always turn off the lights when not in use and ensure that you shut down your TV when no one is watching. You’ll find that in most homes, lights and entertainment systems are on even when no one is using them.

Be mindful of the aforementioned tips and you could likely cut down your electricity bills by 50%. Don’t neglect new doors and windows; when it comes to energy efficiency, these are the first changes to make. If you need new windows, check with Sunroom Additions & Improvements in Buffalo, NY.

By Sunroom Additions 20 Jun, 2014

Patios  not only make your outdoor environment look superb, but they also provide a place where you can relax and enjoy the afternoon breeze. Whether you have a traditional or a modern patio, it will look neat if you keep your furniture and other patio stuff in the right place. Special storage mechanisms that can keep your patio belongings in place can also add to the glamour brought by your patio. Though there aren’t defined storage ideas for patios, you can get yourself started by considering the ideas below.

Customizing Your Coffee Table

Because every outdoor living area is different, there is always a solution to its storage needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a brick patio, wood deck, or a wrap around porch, what matters is how you take advantage of the coffee table lying in the center of your patio. You can add drawers to your coffee table or even make your table a roughhewn one so as to create a space for cooling and storing your drinks.


Ottoman is one of that home’s furniture pieces that is treasured for the numerous functions it has. This multifunctional storage type of furniture allows you to store several items that you need in your patio.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Cubbies

Cubbies provide convenient, cool, and affordable storage for landscape tools and other gardening gear. Ensure that you label all the compartments so that you can easily access your pots, seeds, and soil.

Utilizing a Storage Bench

Use a storage bench to tuck in pruning scissors, garden hoses, and other garden tools to keep them out of sight. This makes your patio to look organized and neat. While this storage bench forms a good place where you can stash various items, your family and guests can use it to catch a breath of the natural fresh air.

Make Use of Shelves

Design an all-weather shelving unit for your patio where you can tuck towels, plants and even firewood in it.

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